About Us

Who We Are

The Terra Project is a nonprofit working to promote a sustainable future for our environment through physics and education.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering individuals to become aware of and act upon the environmental challenges we face at present. Through this, we aim to demonstrate how science, particularly physics, has applications that affect the whole world and can be understood by everyone, enabling our society to make impactful, informed changes.

Our Team

Calista Wilk

CEO & Founder

Calista Wilk is a high school senior in Scottsdale, Arizona. She loves reading science fiction, taking apart old technologies, and tutoring peers in physics and math. She hopes to build others’ confidence and interest in STEM through the playful songs she writes and enriching community activities she participates in.

Prof. Peide Ye


Prof. Peide Ye is a Richard J. and Mary Jo Schwartz Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. He conducts research in solid-state physics, experimenting with the latest semiconductor devices, 2D materials, and atomic layer deposition techniques. In his free time, Prof. Ye loves to travel the world.

Tony Reyes

Outreach Sponsor

Tony Reyes is the Executive Director of Programs for After School Success (PASS) and Director of Tennis at McDowell Mountain Ranch. A recipient of the prestigious United States Professional Tennis Association Star Award, Tony is dedicated to inspiring students, especially those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds, to achieve their full potential through the lessons they learn from tennis.

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